Why Franchise?

Our Business Model Is Disruptive and Complex

Changing the Way Capitalism Works Takes Lots of Savvy

COWORK Entrepreneurs’ business model changes everything for both labor and management. Everyone involved will have to relearn everything they’ve been taught about a command and control environment based on hundreds of years of history.

It’s a big order.

“I think there are some who would be able to do it DIY,” Jerry Ash says. “The general approach of the COWORK Entrepreneurs’ business model has been made public. Anyone can do it who has deep experience in traditional management and can use lessons learned to revise capitalism without a box.”

While he “owns” the business model, Ash says, “I cannot and would not prevent anyone from doing it DIY. It is the right thing to do. And changing how capitalism works is a root goal we cannot do alone.”

On the other hand, he believes many would need a team like COWORK Entrepreneurs offers to carry it off.

Benefits include hands-on assistance from specialists in the various management fields, the reputation of COWORK Entrepreneurs (the first in its field), its ongoing marketing and public relations, and access to a network of socially responsible Investors (SRI).

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