The One Most Likely to Succeed Is the One the Coach Thinks Best

THE COMMONS Business Model is complete and its component parts have been thoroughly tested. But they have never been tested together.

I’m ready to launch my company of COWORK Entrepreneurs as an eventual franchising business and I’m searching for one exceptional entrepreneur to become the TEST PILOT as a prototype franchisee.

I will find this Test Pilot among the clients who hire me as their COMMONS Business Model coach. During a ninety day period I assist my clients in developing a personal strategic plan built around THE COMMONS Business Model. And we use the B Corp Impact Assessment to establish the vision, mission, goals, objectives and strategies of a socially responsible, self-managed, profit-sharing business.

For the next year, the best of my clients will be my partner, not my client, and we will work hand in glove to reach our common goals in one year. We will fulfill the goals we set in the B Corp Impact Assessment and both of our companies will become registered Benefit Corporations with one of the highest scores ever recorded.

Most importantly, we will have passed the point of startup.

Jerry Ash
The Disruptive Professor

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