THE COMMONS Business Model


Model Combines Existing Processes and Structures

Starts up bigger, stronger, scales up faster, better prepared for the next disaster.

COVID-19 is a wakeup call revealing that two other pandemics have been stalking most of us for generations. One is economic. The other is social.

COWORK Entrepreneurs™ is ready right now to make a difference on both the social and the economic fronts.

THE COMMONS Business Model™ has been in the works for the last four years.  Now it is  ready with a disruptive strategic plan that will meet the challenges and opportunities that startups and re-starts will soon meet in a world where our lives and our work have been changed forever.

The basic components of the Business Model have been proven for at least the last fifteen years and others for much longer. Never together.

THE COMMONS brings them together in a combination that will bring capitalism back to Main Street and civility back to the community in which we live and work.

THE COMMONS Business Model is ready. Now I’m offering to coach clients for ninety days during which time we will:

  • Develop a strategic plan based on the vision, mission, goals and objectives of THE COMMONS Business Model.
  • Adopt a business plan using the Benefit Corporation impact assessment to prepare and ace the test to become a certified B Corp enterprise.
  • Launch one of the first companies co-owned by a consortium of entrepreneurs.
  • Compete to be the first to earn the right to wear the COWORK Entrepreneurs network logo.

At the end of the ninety days, one client will be selected to receive free continuing support as COWORK Test Pilot through the first year of startup. By the end of the year, the Test Pilot will have achieved mission, goals and objectives. And be able to successsfully transition from startup to COWORK Enterprise franchisee and top B Corp Certification.

This is a pioneering journey that will be followed closely by local and worldwide media as well as business experts, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs across America and throughout the world.

You will fit in with the best of them.

THE COMMONS Business Model™ uses a flat organizational structure both for the company and the entrepreneurs who work in overlapping teams. No hierarchy. No Bosses.


To some observers, THE COMMONS Business Model™ and COWORK Entrepreneurs™ seem offbeat.

But the model’s components are made up of a handful of acronyms already in common use and proven powerful, even though currently fragmented.

COWORK Entrepreners is different because it is a combination of these systems used to the fullest degree. Multiplying the power of both the company and its people.

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The five components of THE COMMONS Business Model™ have been proven separately. A Test Pilot, the world’s only coach with this business model, other experts and a crowd will prove them in combination.


Although THE COMMONS Business Model™ has not yet been tested, its five primary components have been tested over a period of 10 or more years, some much more.

When done right, they have been proven successful. When done wrong, they have failed to serve their promise. The difference depends on whether they are used primarily to benefit the company position or to serve the common good.

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The ideal Test Pilot will be an experienced entrepreneur somewhere on the Florida Suncoast (Ocala to Sarasota) who is raring to launch and most likely to succeed.


Jerry Ash, the developer of THE COMMONS Business Model™ and COWORKS Entrepreneurs™ is ready to assume the role of Coach for an exceptional business professional who has what it takes and is most likely to succeed as the Test Pilot of a Business Unusual*.

Ideally, the one chosen will have a history of both success and failure.

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The COWORK Entrepreneurs™ Test Pilot will be chosen from among those who are working with the founder toward their startups in ninety days.


You will never know if you are the one best qualified as a Test Pilot for the first COWORKS Entrepreneurs company unless you apply for coaching through the planning stages following THE COMMONS Business Model.

On completion of the ninety day coaching segment, you will be eligible to apply for the position of Test Pilot for COWORKS Entrepreneurs. The best of the coaching clients will be selected for free consulting support as Test Pilot through the first full year of startup.

FREE. The COWORKS coach will be free and he will recommend other specialists when needed. Your success is as important to the coach as it is to you!

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