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Essays are like written lectures. I write them in a conversational style as if I were standing in front of a class. Nice thing is, you don’t have to take notes! There are even “tweets” you can return to later as reminders. I have also included short guest videos in each class which are an integral part of the course and highly motivational.

I urge you to follow the essay numbers in order.

Each essay can be read in less than 30 minutes; much less time than it would take to attend a lecture. You can work your way through the class sessions wherever you are and at your own pace. But I strongly suggest you create your own class schedule and put it on your calendar.

If you are a veteran of the social, political and economic wars, you may think the first 14 essays are unnecessary. But the purpose of my review is to bring all the bits and pieces together in a perspective that even I have lacked until I drafted these essays. It’s important for you to understand the issues we’re facing This perspective will more clearly prepare you for the journey ahead.

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Finally, I am now personally connected to you through email. I will be sending you periodic notices regarding the course and occasional essays from the NME blog to keep you up to date on developments that may be relevant to your journey as an indie entrepreneur or Company of One.

P.S. If you are especially eager, there are “job” opportunities for you to pursue as you take the course. I’m looking for a video spokesperson to make short videos related to course content and I’m looking for six exceptional leaders to work along side me in the development of The Company of One Plus as well as their own Companies of One. I hope you are as excited as I am. Let’s get started.

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