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Key Elements from COWORK Entrepreneurs Strategic Plan


  • Goal: to distribute the creation of wealth fairly to those who help create it.
  • Objective: A socially responsible, self-managed, profit-sharing business model.
  • Strategy: Use of COWORK Entrepreneurs™ to spread the model as a business management franchisor.

COWORK Entrepreneurs is a proprietorship preparing to scale up to a Business Model Franchise by the end of 2021. The coach helps entrepreneurs adopt THE COMMONS Business Model, a Socially Responsible, Self-managed, Profit-sharing (SSP) business model designed to change the way business and economics works for the sake of tradesmen, craftsmen and professionals, their families and friends, neighbors and colleagues, their communities and their country.

The business model is an outgrowth of a free online course titled NotMyEconomics, sponsored by COWORK Entrepreneurs.

In the SSP franchise model, everyone is an entrepreneur. A true business partner who owns and manages his or her own work. Entrepreneurs use the company infrastructure to accomplish their own goals and objectives in mutuality with their colleagues and their company.

Division  Directors are equal partners who own and manage their work using the COWORK Entrepreneurs franchise model. Together, our seven companies will share ownership of COWORK, as a consortium, defined as a group formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member.

Since there are no bosses, Division Directors will manage their pieces of the company. Instead of corporate command and control, they will coach their own teams of  entrepreneurs to help them reach their personal goals in mutuality with those of the company.

In lieu of money, the Directors invest their intellectual capital in COWORK and in their own independently owned companies during development and startup. Under contract, partners will receive a fair share of the return on investment (ROI).

Income from startup fees and royalties are projected to begin no later than the end of the first year.

Since their divisions are independent entities, Division Directors will be able to add other clients to their portfolios and earn ROI sooner. The only limitation is a non-compete agreement.

The seven Divisions include:

  • Owner/Head Coach, COWORK Entrepreneurs
  • Head, Intellectual Capital (HR)
  • Head, Finance and Organizational Capital
  • Head, Marketing and Business Development
  • Head, Information and Communication Technology
  • Head, Socially Responsible Investment (SRI)
  • Head, Sales and Fulfillment

To learn more about how COWORK Entrepreneurs works, please go to: https://www.notmyeconomics.com/cowork-entrepreneurs

Wanted: Partner and Head Coach
Intellectual Capital (IC)

This is an example of the role and responsibility of one of the Department Heads, commonly known as Human Resources but titled Human Capital by THE COMMONS Business Model.

The Director of IC for COWORK Entrepreneurs is the first C-level position to be filled. It is not a job; it is an entrepreneurial opportunity.

The successful candidate will become an equal partner with all the same rights and responsibilities as the other division heads. (Please see “Built for Others to Own” on the left side of this page.)

The Director and his or her team will represent all of the intangible assets assembled by COWORK Entrepreneurs including human, relational, social, and knowledge capital.

The ideal candidate will be skilled in talent search and development, compensation, benefits, recognition, coaching, performance oversight and employee relations in a manner that adapts to a disruptive, Socially responsible, Self-managed, Profit-sharing (SSP) business model.

Director of IC Responsibilities and Duties

During the first year, the Director will start with a blank slate. He or she will redesign HR in accordance with the SSP business model and deploy it as his or her own program. Preparation will include the principles set by B Corp Assessment guidelines to apply as a Certified Benefit Corporation. All Department Heads will be engaged in this process.

The Director of IC will

  • Assist the Founder/Head Coach in drafting prospective responsibilities and duties for the other C-level positions.
  • Immediately launch a talent search for the rest of the C-level leaders.
  • Work with the Head of Finance in the development of a compensation model based on profit sharing.
  • Study and collaborate with legal counsel to become thoroughly knowledgeable regarding state and federal laws pertaining to the licensing and operation of a franchise company.
  • Collaborate with the leadership team to develop procedures and training manuals for future franchisees.
  • Work with the other leadership team members and legal counsel in applying for a franchise license.
  • Assist the Head of Marketing and Business Development in the launch of the COWORK Entrepreneurs as a franchisor.

Top Four Qualifications and Skills

  • First and foremost, an advocate for those who are the holders of human capital.
  • Second, one who embraces with passion the goals and objectives of THE COMMONS Business Model.
  • Third, has experience with creating a culture of engagement, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Fourth, has an entrepreneurial spirit.


  • At least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in HR.
  • A deep knowledge of traditional HR processes and procedures.
  • One who will use the lessons of the past to organize for a future outside the box.
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