My Credentials

A short summary
of a long career

I don’t have a degree in wrongheaded economics and I don’t have a masters in business administration. These are my credentials:

As a boy and very young man I mowed grass for a dozen neighbors, became a hayfield farm hand, sold shoes in a shoe store, worked on a roof crew for the school board, dug ditch and drove truck to deliver water to active gas wells being drilled by the local gas company.

This was the beginning of my eclectic career of many titles: student, soldier, professor, reporter, editorial writer, newspaper editor-publisher, restaurateur, politician, state senator, lobbyist, healthcare association and organ procurement organization executive, business consultant, author, fighter for the rights of working men, women and children, and do-it-yourselfer.

I’ve worked inside and outside “the establishment” and for businesses large and small. The thread running through all of it has been advocacy.

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Wayward Capitalism Hurts Business and Labor

NotMyEconomics is non-political and fights on the side of both workers and employers. Unrestrained capitalism is as bad for business as it is for labor. The entrepreneurial class is as much a victim as the working class — our friends and neighbors, our community and our country are in trouble.

In an economy controlled by multi-billionaires and corrupt politicians, no one is immune to economic injustice. Local businessmen are up against unfair trade practices and employees are subject to what amounts to economic servitude. Our way of life, our educational system, our safety net and our planet are all failing and we seem powerless.

But we are not powerless. We are not using our residual power. First we have to understand how we’ve been played by the game. Then we need to learn how to change the game. It is clear the political system — which is part of the problem —can’t be part of the solution.

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Oh. You’re here! Great.
Welcome! Let’s get started.

This course is free and open to the public.

The full course starts with the Red Zone where you get a balanced review of the causes and effects of economic decline throughout history. If you blame it all on the current players, you are mistaken. Unless you are well informed about this history

In the Yellow Zone you will use the lessons learned from history to develop your own personal strategic plan. If you don’t know the history, you won’t be able to wisely choose your goals, objectives and strategy.

I strongly encourage you to enroll in this course. This course is about your future and you can’t afford to be casual about that.

As an enrolled student you will have interactive connection in the NotMyEconomics Facebook group (closed to the public) where students are engaged in discussion with the professor. I will be there as guide and counsel.

Most importantly, you will become a registered member of an ongoing community of other students and indie entrepreneurs who have graduated from this class. Learning and thinking together doesn’t end when the class ends.

For registered students there will be ongoing info alerts, blog notices and refresher courses based on lessons learned and changes that take place on the economic front that affect you and your campaign. We are in this together for the long haul.

Let’s get started. I’m eager for you to become a solopreneur.

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Red Zone

The Red Zone is the place where we stop, take a deep breath, clear our minds and open our sensibilities to a dark review of economic injustice, beginning with history and ending with a contemporary view not unlike the past but exponentially worse. It is purposefully negative because we are setting the stage for your personal revolution. The problems are enormous. They might cause you to fold your tent. Don’t! From these truths you will discover your hidden power. The problem is huge, but the solution is in your hands.

Yellow Zone

In the Yellow Zone we will think of ways you can use your understanding and your rediscovered power to develop personal goals, objectives and strategies to change how economics works for you, then others. Our plan is “bubble up,” not “trickle down.” But there is so much to do and you have so few resources. You can’t win with resources misspent. You will have to make the right decisions based on your strengths and the economy’s weaknesses. We will match strengths and weaknesses to assure a successful outcome.

Green Zone

You enter the Green Zone armed with knowledge and purpose. You will choose personal tactics and launch your singular campaign. I will provide you with my inventory of tactics. You and I will be looking to others in the class to do the same. Yours will be a grassroots campaign and the best place to start is in the grass under your feet. Our “bubble up” campaign depends on getting you on the right side of economics where capitalism works for you, not against you. Then the grass will grow around you as far as you can see.

Blue Zone

On completion of the Green Zone you have been declared a Indie Entretreneur. It’s not enough.

If you are going to become an effective company of one you will need at least a basic education in accounting and business management. You can enroll in a course at your local community college and consider becoming a COWORK Entrepreneurs franchisee. COWORK Entrepreneurs has a unique, socially responsible business model where there are no bosses, people own their own work and earn a fair share of the profits.

And a team of professionals who will provide ongoing support.

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