If not us, who?
If not now, when?

John F. Kennedy

Our Commitment

The famous words of President John F. Kennedy ring loudly in the NME Course and at COWORK Entrepreneurs.

Capitalism has lost its way and we are the losers. With little or no help from our government, who will help us? “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

We have the means to do it.

You are a key link in the money chain. You are both the producer and consumer. That gives you the power within the chain to make a difference. All you need is knowledge, understanding, confidence and self-respect.

That’s what this course is about.

The course is free from beginning to end. No lie. COWORK Entrepreneurs is committed to helping people help themselves by changing the way capitalism works for themselves and their families, their friends and neighbors, their communities and their country.

Together, we can.

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Enrollment is free and available to everyone. We want to keep this site paywall-free to assure that those who need it most can have it.

Full Course

It is highly recommended that you enroll in the complete course. You cannot effectively solve your personal social, political and economic problems unless you know the truth about their causes and effects. The Red Zone is essential if you are to meet those problems straight on where you live and work.

If you have not read the introduction on the NME page, please go there before you make your choice.


As you travel through the Zones you will have the opportunity to become an informed worker, an indie employee, an indie entrepreneur, a COWORK Entrepreneurs franchisee or a COWORK Entrepreneurs indie entrepreneur.

Your future depends on you.

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