Taking Ownership, Building for Others

Founder, Partners Own Pieces of Company

Those who take ownership of the key components of the parent company will manage them as COWORK Entrepreneurs franchisees.

They will pay no startup fees or annual royalties for so long as their contracts with the parent COWORK Entrepreneurs continue. As independent companies, they may add others to their client lists, but their lead client must remain COWORK Entrepreneurs.

The founder owns only the name “COWORK Entrepreneurs” and the business model. As the seventh member of the leadership team he will coordinate the leadership team and serve as Head Coach for as long as he is capable. At that time he will be replaced by another leader, likely elected from among the current leaders.

An agreement as a part of the contract will protect the name, business model, policies and procedures of the parent COWORK Entrepreneurs. It will contain a non-compete agreement and confidentiality clause.

The same rules regarding performance and competence will be in effect for the leadership team as it is for all other indie entrepreneurs working with COWORK Entrepreneurs. Each leadership contract will be approved by each of the partners. Likewise, the standard performance assurance system will be in place.

Successful candidates for leadership positions will be highly experience professionals who are passionate about the COWORK Entrepreneurs’ mission, goals and objectives. They will be able to work without a box while drawing from lessons learned from within a box to change the way management and labor works.

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