Social Responsibility at the Company Heart

We Recycle Money and Boost the Local Economy

In communities where franchises abound, “what goes around comes around.”

Our claim to social responsibility starts with our profit-sharing. But it doesn’t end there. We are committed to boosting the local economy where we live and work. And for good reason.

While we share profit with our indie entrepreneurs to improve income and upward mobility, we also encourage them to re-circulate their earnings in the community in which it was made.

They are made aware that the money they spend in local businesses stays in the local economy. And much of it comes back to them, further raising their opportunities for increased income and personal growth.

Today, American style capitalism raises the expectations of American workers while lowering their income and opportunities. National and global capitalists suck the money out of the community and then export it to their way-off headquarters and invest it on the money market for the sake of greed, not need.

Politicians and huge investment companies point to the Wall Street trading floor as the prime indicator of the country’s wealth. But the U.S. stock market has little to do with our own prosperity or the lack of it.

COWORK Entrepreneurs looks to the community marketplace as the prime indicator of our wealth.

A growing and prosperous local economy means a growing and more prosperous workforce for the sake of you and your family, your friends and neighbors, your community and (yes even) your country.

While we are all partners in COWORK Entrepreneurs, we are also partners with the local community. Together we will repurpose capitalism and recycle money to serve the common good.

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