Incomes Vary by Role

Performance Assured by Profit Share and Peers

Under the current style of management, you are hired with a wage determined by the value of the job. After that your future wages depend on arbitrary judgments on how well you do. Or how much less the company can pay while demanding more work.

COWORK Entrepreneurs does it differently.

It determines the range of values in all the work to be performed by our indie entrepreneurs. It establishes the rates for each task just as agreements with external contractors are established now.

“Why should your contract be any different as a full-time worker? founder of COWORK Entrepreneurs asks.” We agree to pay you a certain amount. You agree to do the work. Period.

Thus, the worth of every position in COWORK Entrepreneurs and its franchisors is based on the work itself.

How you perform is a question to be determined by your fellow entrepreneurs. You either improve or you are out.

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