Company Gets People on Right Side of Capitalism

Halfway through the development of his NotMyEconomics (NMÉ) online course, Professor Jerry Ash has concluded that changing the way workers work would only solve half the problem of capitalism gone mad.

“Changing the way workers work,” he says, “would not be enough.”

NMÉ teaches the causes and effects of out of control American style capitalism. Then students learn how to gain the advantage  — one at a time — in the economy as it is. That is, in a place where capitalism is for the capitalists and workers are disposable commodities.

“My students are encouraged to start thinking independently, like capitalists.” Ash says. “I encourage them to become capitalists as Indie employees. To get on the right side of capitalism. Make it work for them, not against them.”

In the current workplace, he says, there is no commitment or loyalty on either side of the employer/employee divide. No promises. No real incentive. No room for independent thinking or innovation. No corporate ladder to climb.

“Instead of hostility,” Ash says, “my students develop their own strategic plans. Instead of working in fear of the pink slip, they are taught to think about temporary employment as an opportunity to learn. And a jumping off spot for moving onward and upward.”

When pressed, Ash admits the NMÉ strategy will not guarantee job security, but it will keep students “one step ahead of the sheriff.” More seriously he says, “They will take charge of their own destinies.”

But he also admits his course is not enough.

“Changing the way people think and work in a workplace where management remains the same addresses only half the problem. We need to change how management manages.”

Accordingly, Ash has developed an alternative business model that will change the game. And a company, COWORK Entrepreneurs, where everyone will own their own work and earn compensation through profit sharing.

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Not My EconomicsCompany Gets People on Right Side of Capitalism