Governance Of and By the People

Colleagues Have a Stake in Each Other

In democracy people rule in the polling place. Not so with capitalism. Organizational charts are drawn like spider webs. And the spiders rule.

COWORK Entrepreneurs is a democracy and its people share the power of governance.

Every key decision that affects the leadership team as a whole or the entire company must receive a unanimous vote from the team. If the vote is positive, it must also obtain a majority vote from all the indie-entrepreneurs in the company.

“Key decisions” will be defined.

Every vote to cancel a contract with another member of the leadership team requires at least a two-thirds majority of the other members of the team (4 to 2).

All other indie entrepreneurs at every level have the right and the responsibility to monitor collegial performance and launch a performance assurance process when necessary. If the process reaches the question of contract dissolution, a vote of the colleagues with whom the person works closely is required.

As the company materializes, these and all other concepts will be up for discussion, revision or replacement. When approved by the original entrepreneurs, they will become company law. Changes and amendments will be possible as more people join.

“I hope this information isn’t too dry,” company owner Jerry Ash fears. “But these points are extremely important for those who will give up the routine of a paycheck for the fortunes of profit-sharing.”

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