Not the End. The Beginning.


We’re suited up and ready to play. Right?

Now it’s game day and we’re in the locker room revising the action plan.

Mine has not been a solo journey, but I’ll need help with the pre-game plan. That’s right. I need more talent.

I need to recruit more indie entrepreneurs. But not just any Tom, Diego or Hannah.

I’m building companies for others to own. First a Pilot “Franchisee” and the first COWORK Entrepreneurs Leader/Coach.

Time is finite, dates are to be broken, but place is critical. First we need to define the territory.

I’ve focused on promoting NME and SSP because my highest skills and experience match the company’s highest priority.

In the final essay we will compare my pre-launch needs to yours.

Foreword: This is the next to the last class session in the NME course. We are getting close to the end. But it’s only the beginning.In the next, the final essay I will compare the lessons from this class to the work you have prior to launch. And I will review the key lessons learned throughout the course.

Dreamwork Coming Next

We’ve done it all. Right?

During this course we have begun to understand why and how we ended up in our present economic condition.

We’ve learned we are the only ones who can change the game for the sake of ourselves, our family and friends, our community and our country.

Our mindsets have changed and we are thinking as independents who have their own ladders to climb.

Our goals and objectives include the use of the Socially responsible, Self-managed, Profit-sharing (SSPS) Business Model.

We’ve written our personal strategic plans for becoming indie employees or indie entrepreneurs.

We’re suited up and ready to play.

Or are we?

Now it’s game day!

If you recall in the Yellow Zone, I shared with you the COWORK Entrepreneurs strategic planning process as it unfolded. I did so because the SSPS Business Model is extraordinary — the only example of a company using the SSPS Business Model.

There is no other sample  to share.

For the same reason, I need to share with you the pre-game locker room strategies and tactics I’m adopting. The action plan leading to the launch COWORK Entrepreneurs.

That’s right. An action plan.  I’m not quite ready yet!

And I doubt you are either.

We can’t just throw your doors open and yell “Hey! I’ve built it. Come on in!”

I’m going to tell you what I need to do before startup. And you can be thinking about how that might work in some form for you before we cut the ribbons.

I’ll help you with that in the final essay.

Mine Has Not Been a Solo Journey.

My team includes my wife Michele who has worked as a conscripted “volunteer,” providing graphic design, publishing and website management.

I’ve had a couple of outstanding mentors, one of whom is an internationally recognized franchisor. Another is a worldwide HR and business management consultant in Europe, Asia and here in the U.S.

I’ve consulted with a handful of everyday people responding to my queries and surveys.

Some of my friends have contributed money.

Of course, I’ve been a member of this team. I’ve more than matched the money and brought to the table considerable experience in business, marketing, public relations, media, social networking and political action.

But I Still Need More Talent!

This project is growing too big for me to handle. I need more talent. And I need it before startup.

To this point we have:

  • Completed the NotMyEconomics online course, open to the public and ready for promotion.
  • Completed a plan to save capitalism using the Socially Responsible, Self-managed, Profit-sharing (SSPS) Business Model.
  • Developed the framework for COWORK Entrepreneurs, a developing franchisor that is second to none in the SSPS approach to business.
  • Built a dynamic website that brings it all together using plain language and quotable quotes.

Yet before I take COWORK Entrepreneurs to market, I need to acquire more outstanding leaders with entrepreneurial and pioneering spirits

  • People who are willing to give COWORK Entrepreneurs a try as the owner of a test model franchise.
  • And the first professional who will join my team as one of the COWORK Entrepreneurs division owners.

Not Just Any Tom, Diego or Hannah

To prove the viability of COWORK Entrepreneurs and the SSPS Business Model, I need to recruit the first indie entrepreneur for a model project.

I’m expecting a number of candidates.

My offer to the winning entrepreneur is for compete support from COWORK Entrepreneurs through his or her startup and beyond without franchise fee or annual royalty for three years.

As with all of my colleagues and future franchisees, I won’t choose just any Tom, Diego or Hannah.

I will be very selective, looking for those who are high quality and most likely to succeed.

The owner of the model project will be someone who has sparkle in his or her eyes, an alluring personality and a storehouse of knowledge and experience in his or her field.

And a record of excellence and a clear understanding of the work it will take for us both to succeed.

Before a contract is signed he or she will complete the NME course and qualify as an Indie Entrepreneur.

We will both know that he or she has more than enough of the Six Capitals including human capital — a network of friends, family and colleagues who will be available as either helpers or customers through startup

I’m Building a Company for Others to Own


You know the answer.

The three pillars of NME, SSPS Business Model and COWORK Entrepreneurs are social responsibility, self-management and profit sharing.

In COWORK Entrepreneurs, everyone owns his or her own work.

And receives compensation through the gain-sharing (previously referred to as profit sharing) earned through COWORK Entrepreneurs.

Gain sharing is a broader term than profit.

Everyone includes:

  • The Division Leaders who own their own divisions under an independent franchisee.
  • And their indie entrepreneur workers who will own their own work under contract with each other, their Division Leaders and COWORK Entrepreneurs.

I am the final owner. I’ve already invested substantial human capital (several years worth) as the developer of the online course, the SSPS Business Model and COWORK Entrepreneurs. I will serve as Head Coach.

As a reminder, I repeat the titles of the divisions:

Intellectual Capital etc. (HR), Marketing and Public Relations; Finance and Organizational Capital; Socially Responsible Investment (SRI); Technology and Communication; and Organizational Development and Fulfillment.

We are a consortium.

Meriam-Webster defines a consortium as a combination or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member.

That’s a perfect description of COWORK Entrepreneurs.

Everyone invests his or her intellectual capital.

Each Division Leader will have an equal stake in COWORK Entrepreneurs as owners of their own companies. They will provide services under contract with COWORK Entrepreneurs and others as they grow.

Each of the division owners will likely invest a year’s worth of intangible assets (not money) in the development of their own companies as well as the COWORK Entrepreneurs consortium.

All of us will receive our ROI (return on investment) as we fulfill our startup duties owed to our first franchisees.

HR/IC Leader My First Choice

My recruitment strategy will be to acquire the HR professional first.

One who has a deep understanding of corporate HR as it is now.  And a passion for redirecting the purpose of HR from serving a hierarchy to serving a consortium of people who own their own companies and their own work.

The difference is our company is owned and operated by indie entrepreneurs, each with a stake in COWORK Entrepreneurs.

Therefore, the role requires a whole different mindset and a whole new set of “policies and procedures to match the SSPS management system.”

The IC leader will be one of the first to embrace the SSPS Business Model. He or she will put the meat on the bones of SSPS Business Model and serve as one of its leading advocates.

As an advocate, he or she will be responsible for talent acquisition. We will work together in the recruitment of the rest of the leadership team.

Logistics: Time, Date and Place

Time is limited, dates are to be broken, but place is critical.

I need to define my territory. When I’m thinking big, I think of America coast to coast. Sometimes even the world.

But at startup, I can’t get my arms around that. I will have to start small and extend my reach later on.

I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Not small.

The metro area includes Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater and a host of smaller communities.  That amounts to a population of 3.1 million people.

Add to that the Sarasota area (on the lower end of Tampa Bay) and the numbers reach well above 5 million.

There is no doubt that the COWORK Entrepreneurs headquarters will be located and remain somewhere in or around the Tampa area.

Right now it’s here in my home office.

For the next year the division leaders will be scattered around Tampa Bay, probably working out of their home offices. We’ll use modern technology and f2f meetings to coordinate our work.

But as COWORK Entrepreneurs grows, all of us will need more space and interaction.

At first leaders and teams of indie entrepreneurs will also work in our patchwork quilt of remote workers.

But as soon as possible I see the heads of COWORK Entrepreneurs divisions assembling their enterprises in the same office building.

Not as a huge consolidation, but as a community of coordinated parts.

Even then, many of our people will remain remote or choose a combination of remote and on site when teamwork is needed. Whatever works best for our indie entrepreneurs and for our company and our franchisees.

I’ve drawn a mental circle around the Tampa Bay region representing no more than a one- hour commute.

Surely we will find the right people in that target area amidst one of the fastest growing cities in the country.

But Are We Really Ready?

NME yes.

SSPS Business Model yes.

COWORK Entrepreneurs no.

At the time of this writing I’m down to the last two essays. The course will be complete by the time you read this. It has been built online, open to the public . . .  but lost in space.

I’m thinking it is all ready for prime time.

Yet, although the course has been open, only a couple of dozen early enrollees are signed up and connected to the private NME Facebook group.

None as yet has become a serious student. A few have expressed intentions. No one has actually committed to working through the course.

This concerns me.

It is also a message.

The other day my daughter, a busy property management executive, voluntarily explained why she hadn’t enrolled. I didn’t ask. She probably felt guilty.

She said she’s too busy to read. Does all her learning through audios.


NME is ready . . . but it’s not quite done.

I suppose videos would be better, but I sense audios make more sense because they can be listened to while working out on the treadmill or commuting to and from work.

Startup Next. Pre-startup Now

I will be starting an NME media campaign — both mainstream and social media.

  • Partly because I’m ready.
  • Partly because communication is my greatest strength.
  • Partly because the NME course is a good way to create a buzz about COWORK Entrepreneurs before it’s even open.

The NotMyEconomics course is the mother of the Socially responsible, Self-managed, Profit-sharing (SSPS) Business Model.

It too is ready for anyone who wants to follow the plan. Again, it’s free and open to the public as a DIY.

NME was always intended to be a contribution to the common good and it will remain free. The SSPS Business Model is also meant for the common good at it will remain unlicensed.

But these two gifts also bring benefit to COWORK Entrepreneurs. As people become acquainted and involved in NME and SSPS Business Model some will want more.

The company team of Leader-Coaches will have knowledge and experience about the management of SSPS Business Model second to none. While many people will be able to do it DIY, some will need professional support. Probably more than we can handle.

COWORK Entrepreneurs alone should create big stories yet to come.

  • A socially responsible company,
  • a consortium of owners and workers who own their own work,
  • self-managed entrepreneurs with no bosses,
  • who own segments of the company and a fair share of the gains,
  • ane with everyone sharing those gains with the community as socially responsible consumers.

How many spin-off stories do you think I can write?

My answer: Limited by time alone.

Matching Opportunities with the Capitals

I’ve focused on promotion as my lead pre-start tactic because it is the highest priority for the company and matches my highest level of knowledge and skills.

That’s good because I have way more intellectual capital to spend than financial. Truth is, I’m pretty much tapped out.

The immediate bucket list for Michele and me alone include:

  • A mainstream media campaign.
  • The final edit and publication of MoJo: Getting on the Right Side in which a modern Mother Jones establishes a forerunner of the SSP business model.
  • And the rewriting of the essays and publication of it as COWORK Entrepreneurs, a manual and audio book.

That leaves a stack of projects in the bucket. We are in serious need of help. Please tell me what you might be able to do.

Please share.

Please move on to the next essay
Last Minute Fear. Great Motivator!

After Class Chat

This essay has run long.

I’ve taken out the inserts on how my pre-launch tactics relate to yours and written one last essay.

My pre-launch plans for NME and the SSP business model are more closely related to your situation, but the lessons from the pre-launch action plan for COWORK Entrepreneurs are easily translatable to a smaller scale startup like yours might be.

The only real difference with you and me is scale.


Not My EconomicsNot the End. The Beginning.