Final After Class Chat

Thank You for Completing the Course

I want you to know it has meant a great deal to me.

As you know, I developed NotMyEconomics to help people help themselves. And my only reward is to see you do it.

Teachers never forget their best students and I look forward to keeping in touch.

I’ll see to it we remain connected. The NotMyEconomics Facebook group will remain open to you. As an NME alumni, please post updates as often as you can.

Share some of your experiences as one of the first owners of an enterprise built around the SSP business model. Come to us with problems we may be able to help you solve.

Consider the Facebook group as your forever network. I’ll be there, and we will be eager to hear your stories and respond to questions you have about the problems or decisions you have to make.

In that way you will continue learning from us and we will learn from you.

All that said, I want to conclude my final chat by telling you about my wildest dreams for you, NME, The COMMONS Bbusiness Model, and COWORK Entrepreneurs and those we serve.

The Future for the BIGS (A Pipe Dream?)

As you should know by now I am a capitalist and I’m not out to kill capitalism. I want to save it.

Likewise, I am not out to do battle with Big Business or Big Government.

My wildest dream is that, someday, large independently owned corporations would adopt The COMMONS Business Model.

Become socially responsible. Treat labor as true entrepreneurs who really do own their own work and receive compensation based on a fair share of the net gain.

In my wildest dream, I see socially responsible Big Business recycling more of the gain to the community through the higher compensation of its socially responsible employees.

In the process, I see the divide between Big Business and labor disappearing. Turning a hostile workplace into one of mutuality.

In my wildest dream, I see Big Government shifting its view of economics from Wall Street to Main Street. Bailing out small business (if necessary) while punishing socially irresponsible Big Businesses for wrongdoing.

Responsible Big Business and Labor Will Benefit.

For the socially responsible Big Business, I predict it would experience higher gains by recycling more of the money back into the community through the hands of its socially responsible workers.

The recycling would boost more repeat customers who have more to spend at the cash registers. Greater company gains would then lead to greater gain shares in the workers’ pockets.

And the cycle would roll over again. And again.

Meanwhile, Big Government would gain higher tax revenue and face lower costs for social programs. And the cost of social programs would drop dramatically because more workers are compensated at a higher level.

It could even mean lower taxes on the poor and middle class that are currently dedicated to social programs.

SMEs Closer to Reality

But all that is speculation, if not wild dreams.

The movement will begin right now with small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

We will select a small or mid-size business to test the SSP business model. The lucky entrepreneur will get the full support of COWORK Entrepreneurs without paying a fee or royalty.

Once we’ve reviewed, revised and proven the SSP model, we will launch COWORKS Entrepreneurs as a franchisor. We will have a full staff of specialized professionals for those who need help adopting and managing the SSP business model.

We will be the best because we are the first.

Franchisees will wear COWORKS Entrepreneurs logo, taking advantage of the COWORKS Entrepreneurs local, regional and eventually national public relations and advertising campaigns.

COWORKS Entrepreneurs Not for Everyone

Because of shear capacity alone, we will not (nor will we ever be) big enough to handle all the needs of SSP companies in a community, region, state or country.

That’s one of the reasons why we keep the NME course open to the public and The COMMMONS Business Model unlicensed. It will remain that way as long as there are entrepreneurs who have the business savvy to change the business model from the old to the new.

But, as you know, doing it DIY isn’t easy.

The concept is simple, but the execution is extremely complex because of the need to break old habits and develop new mindsets, processes and procedures.

Accordingly, I’m building a lead team of experts who have the entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for our business model and our mission.

Still, I Think Bigger

We are launching COWORKS Entrepreneurs franchisor in one of the largest cities in Florida — Tampa, 3.1 million population.

We will concentrate on a manageable circle within that area until we think we’re ready to expand our radius. I’m thinking of satellite offices in Pensacola, Orlando, Naples, Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale.

As our radius spills into adjoining states, I’m thinking of duplicating the main office in other states, organized exactly as the Florida office with equal talent and resources.

But I’m not empire building!

Remember, everyone owns his or her own work in the COWORKS network. Satellites, regional, state and local offices will remain small businesses.

They will be locally owned COWORKS Entrepreneurs franchisees supporting local businesses and the communities in which they operate.

Communities of SSPs

While COWORKS Entrepreneurs cannot support the vast number of possible SSP businesses, I still envision entire communities of SSP businesses. Some as franchisees, many as DIYs.

While COWORKS Entrepreneurs will probably never have the capacity to support the DIYs, I dream of a community where we have a franchisee or two who, in turn, help the DIYs with the concepts of SSP.

I dream of a socially responsible franchisee who wants to see his or her entire community engaged in the social responsibility of SSP. He or she would get the support of business and community leaders in leading the town or the neighborhood into becoming SSP or Company of Ones communities.

In my wildest dreams I see a marker at the edge of town with the COWORKS Entrepreneurs logo and the declaration that they are a socially responsible community. Similar to those that declare they are a “high tech zone.”

I believe most of my dreams for SMEs and their communities are quite possible.  It may take years in the making, but in the end, I believe we will make the country and the world a better place to live and work.

I can’t do it without your help.


P.S. Thank you again for completing the course. Now we are on the same paths. Let’s do it together!

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