Videos and Resources

Hers is one of more than 100 videos posted in the NotMyEconomics classes to reinforce points that have been made in class essays and audios.

Links to published articles also reinforce points made in the class presentations.

The professor is available to enrolled students for questions, answers, comments, discussion and guidance at NotMyEconomics Facebook.

Navigating the Classes

Before you go to your first class, please go to the NME page for orientation.  There you will get an overview of the class work in the four Zones..

Each class title in the schedule below is linked to the corresponding class. You can move from one class to another or leave the website. When you come back, just click on “Already Enrolled” in the upper right corner of the homepage to return to the class schedule.

Be sure to watch the short videos in each class and take advantage of the “Tweets” which provide you with ready-made highlights for referral before and after.

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