Disruptive Business Model

Wanted: One Disruptive Dream Team

My development of a socially responsible, self-managed, profit-sharing (SSP) business model led me to design a Company of One Plus (TCO+) that will make the dream come true and simultaneously spawn a network of companies committed to changing the way capitalism and economics works.

Not My EconomicsWanted: One Disruptive Dream Team
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Opportunity Comes in Pink

Recommendation: If you have not read Ode #1, you should start there.

See Ode to an Employee — #2 below

I cast the character in Ode #1 as a hotel worker because those who work in the hospitality industry are among the most underpaid and insecure in America. But they are not alone. Most of us . . . whether we work in a kitchen, on an assembly line, on a farm or in an executive office tower . . . we live tenuous lives.

Not My EconomicsOpportunity Comes in Pink
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Business, Labor Lose in Hostile Economy

See Ode to an Employee — #1 below

I would not be surprised if your story is similar to that of the employee in my ode because the bonds between employer and employee have so eroded over the last several decades that job security is a thing of the past for most workers. And turnover is a given for most companies.

Employers have no commitment to their employees and employees have no commitment to their employers.

Not My EconomicsBusiness, Labor Lose in Hostile Economy
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