THE COMMONS Business Model

Combining Existing Processes and Structures

Starting up bigger, stronger, scaling up faster, better prepared for the next disaster.

COVID-19 is a wake up call revealing that two other pandemics have been stalking most of us for generations. One is economic. The other is social.

This is the first of a series of articles about a disruptive business model that will change the way work works and management manages post pandemic.

COWORK Entrepreneurs is ready right now to make a difference on both the social and the economic fronts.

THE COMMONS Business Model™ has been in the works for the last four years. Now it is ready with a disruptive strategic plan that will meet the challenges and opportunities that startups and re-starts will soon meet in a world where our lives and our work have been changed forever.

The basic components of the Business Model have been proven for at least the last fifteen years and others for much longer. Never together.

THE COMMONS brings them together in a combination that will bring capitalism back to Main Street and civility back to the community in which we live and work.

It’s time to test the proven together as one.

Jerry Ash, business strategist, developer of the model and owner of COWORK Entrepreneurs, will own his own company and serve as volunteer coach for the Test Pilot from planning through startup and success. Could last up to three years.

All eyes will be on the project from the Florida Suncoast Crowd to experts, consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs across the country and throughout the world. Many will be in line to start their own companies.

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