About the Braintrust

People: Our Prime Assets

Our people at the Company of Ones  are our prime assets. That starts with our braintrust. Each one is an indie entrepreneur twice over.


  • Former research assistant
  • Hospital administrator
  • Certified nursing assistant
  • Founder, Right at Home
  • Executive chairman, Right at Home


  • Startup entrepreneur
  • Franchisor
  • 700+ franchises
  • Coast to coast
  • Nine foreign countries

Leader among franchisors

  • Founding member, Homecare Association of America
  • Formerly its legislative chairman

Allen Hager


My relationship with Allen Hager has come full circle.

Many years ago Allen Hager, founder and executive chairman of an international network of Right at Home senior care franchises, was a recent MBA graduate working a temporary job as a research assistant for the Judiciary Committee of the West Virginia State Senate. I was a member of the committee and impressed with this young man.

I recommended him to my favorite hospital administrator for a marketing position and the administrator ended up taking Allen with him on a move to a large hospital in Omaha, Nebraska.

Now Allen is my mentor.

At the hospital in Omaha, Allen watched many patients — especially senior citizens — return home but not necessarily to health. Many of them were not able to care for themselves.

When the administrator asked him to look for additional business lines for the hospital, Allen immediately thought of those discharged patients. Calling on his research skills honed in legislative work, he talked to dozens of families to understand the different kinds of challenges they faced and what kind of care would help.

He became a certified nursing assistant so he could experience the needs of people who needed professional assistance in the home.

The solution became clear, but he concluded the work did not fit the mission of the hospital. Instead, he decided he would become an entrepreneur.

First he developed the company he called simply Right at Home. Soon others wanted to follow his lead. Rather than become the coach, he became the franchisor of more Right at Homes in the Omaha region.

Later he began branching into other regions of country by carefully selecting franchisees who shared his passion for caring for those in their communities.

Today Right at Home has more than 700 franchises coast to coast and in nine foreign countries. It is now one of the fastest growing franchises in the world.

Allen is a graduate of Marshall University, Tulane University’s M.B.A. program and the Executive Development Program of the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University. Allen was also a founding member of the National Private Duty Association (now known as the Home Care Association of America) and has previously served as its Legislative Chair.


Shane Sauer


Shane Sauer is a marketing consultant and brand storyteller who guides businesses to an irresistible marketing message.

Matheran Talent Management

  • Founding partner
  • HR professional
  • Formerly with Korn Ferry
  • Offices: U.S. (Miami, Houston)
  • Also Europe and Middle East


  • Healthcare/life sciences
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Financial services
  • Comercial real estate
  • Energy and chemicals
  • Government and non-profits

Paul Quay


Paul Quay, founding partner of Matheran Talent Management, came to me more recently from the clouds. He was attracted by my socially responsible, self-managed, profit sharing (SSP) business model because it is similar to the way he works.

Paul is an accomplished international human capital professional, with senior level commercial experience encompassing all HR disciplines. He maintains offices in the U.S. (Miami and Houston), Europe and the Middle East.

Paul is also Executive Director of International Interim Management and former advisory Senior Partner to Korn Ferry.

He is internationally recognized as a specialist in senior leadership and C-suite resourcing, assessment, coaching and development and succession planning. He is also highly experienced in competency-based performance management systems, having designed, implemented and managed many such processes at all organizational levels throughout his career.

He is qualified and licensed in an extensive range of talent management interventions and is a certified executive coach operating at board, C-suite and director levels. In his former role with Korn Ferry, Paul led the company’s talent management practice within the Middle East region with special emphasis on identifying and developing future CEOs.

Paul has held senior human resource and general management positions in some of the world’s largest corporations in a career that spans more than thirty years.

The following list of sectors shows the vast background of experience and work Paul has logged in both corporate and consulting roles.

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Information, Communications and Technology
  • Private equity, Venture Capital and Financial Services
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Energy and Chemicals
  • Government and not-for profit organizations

Paul holds a BA (Honors) degree in social sciences from the University of West Scotland and is a member of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). He is a member of the Institute of Directors (London), the Dubai Human Resource Forum and a former contributor to the American Compensation Association and the Asia Pacific HR Roundtable (Hong Kong / Singapore).

When I asked him to be my mentor, Paul humbly agreed, saying he was “tickled with the idea that someone who has achieved as much as (me) should consider (him) to be a mentor.”

Those Brits! Masters of the compliment.


The Disruptive Professor

  • NotMyEconomics Online Course

Founder and Moderator

  • We Are The Market Force

Managing editor

  • Inside Knowledge Magazine
  • Smart People Magazine


  • Hellraiser — Mother Jones: An Historical Novel
  • Books on Corporate Knowledge Management

Chief Executive

  • Lifegift Organ Donation Centers
  • Nevada Hospital Association

West Virginia State Senator

  • Chairman, Health and Human Resources
  • Chairman, Small Business
  • Vice-Chairman, Education
  • Chairman, Higher Education

Co-owner and/or owner

  • Preston County News
  • Pioneer Press of West Virginia
  • Dipsie Doodle Pub & Sandwich Shop


  • West Virginia University School of Journalism

Jerry Ash

Head Coach

Referred to as The Disruptive Professor, Jerry Ash is the developer of the free online course, NotMyEconomics, with the purpose of helping both small business and labor overcome their economic conditions through the use of a disruptive, socially responsible, self-managed, profit-sharing business model (SSP).

He is also founder of COWORK Entrepreneurs, an enterprise that will develop a network of companies where the SSP model can work. He was also founder and moderator of Facebook group.

The Professor is author of several business books on Knowledge Management, published in London, and two novels focused on the dark side of economics including Hellraiser — Mother Jones: An Historical Novel (published) and MoJo: Getting on the Right Side (to be published).

With an eclectic career behind him, Jerry’s credentials come from a wide range of engagements from social to political to entrepreneurial.

His executive experience in the healthcare field provides him with a deep knowledge of one of the nation’s largest industries.

As executive director of Lifegift Organ Donation Centers in Houston, Fort Worth, Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas, he led 60 of the world’s finest organ procurement nurses in the quest for organs for lifesaving transplant. While there he established a regional communications center linking all  hospitals in the service area to a critical response network for organ procurement. Donations rose dramatically.

As president and CEO of the Nevada Hospital Association he launched the Liability Cooperative of Nevada (LiCon), a self-insured cooperative, to help the state’s small frontier hospitals contain the cost of liability insurance while improving the quality of care. He also served on a committee of the American Hospital Association to explore and support universal healthcare coverage.

Serving two terms in the West Virginia State Senate, Jerry chaired the Committee on Health and Human Resources during an era of healthcare cost containment issues. He persuaded the Senate to establish a Committee on Small Business, which he chaired. He served as Vice-Chairman of the Committee on Education and chaired the subcommittee on higher education. His most fulfilling achievement was the passage (after his last term) of a bill he proposed to extend public education to children incarcerated in the state’s so-called Boys and Girls Schools.

As editor/publisher of The Preston County News, his weekly newspaper won 40 state and national awards for excellence in journalism. As owner of the Dipsie Doodle Pub and Sandwich Shop and co-owner of the Pioneer Press of West Virginia, he experienced first hand the joys and challenges of commercial enterprise.

And yes, he really was a professor at the West Virginia University School of Journalism for seven years, teaching photojournalism and journalism 101.

He also likes to list the work experiences of his youth: lawn mowing, newspaper delivery boy, farm hand, shoe salesman, carpenter’s helper, roof crewman, ditch digger, truck driver hauling water to gas wells and scythe operator on utility right-of-ways.


  • NotMyEconomics
  • Energy & Mineral Law Foundation

Graphic Design

  • Smart People Magazine
  • United Hospital Center
  • Pioneer Press of West Virginia
  • EMLF

Copy Editor

  • Inside Knowledge Magazine


  • Preston County News
  • Dipsie Doodle Pub & Sandwich Shop

Michele Ash began her career learning about typography, layout and graphic design when lead type was still in use and offset printing was in its infancy. Typewriters put ink on paper, computers were housed in climate-controlled rooms and the Internet was unheard of.

Today her history is an asset. It’s called perspective.

She stayed at the head of the class as technology changed. From pasting pieces of paper on a layout sheet, she eagerly embraced the first Apple Computer, the “cube”, and began composing graphic designs electronically. When the Internet became available she grew with it.

What she never left behind was the origins, the foundations, the art, the techniques, and the rules of graphic design. They have never changed, though they are often abused and forgotten by those without the perspective or even the skills of her trade.

Michele is a professional.

For 35 years she has been owner of Associated Professional Services, a solopreneur who became a virtual employee for clients long before the term “virtual employee” existed.

She has been the graphic designer, webmaster and general support for the Energy, Mineral and Law Foundation (EMLF) for 30 years during which her home base has moved from West Virginia to Nevada to Texas and now Florida. Her virtual presence in the “next room” at EMLF has remained unbroken even though its location has also changed.

In addition, she provides graphic design for United Hospital Center, part of the West Virginia University Health System. And she is graphic designer and webmaster for the online course, NotMyEconomics, and the Company of Ones.

Previously she was in charge of graphic design for Inside Knowledge magazine, published in the UK, and Smart People magazine published in Florida.

Her early experience included graphic design for The Preston County News and the Pioneer Press of West Virginia. She was co-owner of The Preston County News and the Dipsie Doodle Pub and Sandwich Shop.

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