Jerry’s Point of View

Question: Guess who’s the boss?
Answer: No one. They’re self-managed.

Getting on the Right Side

Profits and prices keep going up while the value of your wages keeps going down. Benefits and long term commitment are things of the past.

You’re on the wrong side of economics.

Jerry Ash is a socially responsible advocate with a plan.

If capitalism favors the wealthy, then you need to think, act and eventually become a working capitalist.

Don’t think you can’t.

As a producer and a consumer you are the most critical link in the money chain. You have the power. All you have to do is use it!

THE COMMONS Business Model helps you take advantage of the weaknesses of the current business model. You’ll take ownership of your own work and seize opportunities to earn more profit than pay.

The plan also benefits business through increased innovation and productivity. And it boosts the local economy because the profits re-circulate in the community where they were made.

Meanwhile, Jerry has launched the NotMyEconomics course to help you get started now. And he’s developing COWORK Entrepreneurs to provide an even greater opportunity for you to own your own COWORK Entrepreneurs franchise or work as an indie entrepreneur.

Question: Why not work for pay?
Answer: Because profit-sharing beats wages!

Capitalist and communitarian

Jerry Ash: Founder, COWORK Entrepreneurs™; Professor, Not My Economics

I am not a member of any political party. I am a capitalist and a communitarian.

Capitalism remains the most powerful generator of wealth the world has ever known. Communities are where the wealth is made and where it should stay.

During the Great Depression, communitarians were a strong voice. But there are few of us around these days. Communitarians emphasize the connection between the individual and the community.

Ordinarily I try to stay positive, but I still have to keep one eye on the dark side. Sadly, capitalism has lost its way and it has taken our democracy with it. If it continues on this path, it will likely self-destruct.

Most of today’s activists are fighting on the political front as others have for a couple of centuries . . . without success. Their strategy is to get corporations and the body politic to change their ways. But just the opposite has happened for at least a hundred years.

Nevertheless, the fight on the political front is important because it exposes the problem.

You and I are on the economic front.

In the beginning capitalism and democracy were sisters. Our forefathers created a Constitution and a Supreme Court that would discipline one sister. But the other sister was mollycoddled with a system of laissez faire. In other words, capitalism was allowed to follow her own course without interference.

She did. From the outset, capitalism worked for the common good. But without constraints, it began to serve greed, not need. Wealth, not wellbeing.

Policy-makers began to worry when the undisciplined sister reached her teens. They feared capitalism would result in the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor and middle class. They passed a series of anti-trust laws to prevent monopolies.

The wayward sister was not pleased. Eventually those laws were, either, rescinded, weakened or ignored.

So what can we do? Is the problem too big for us to handle? I think not.

You and I are an important part of the money chain. We are workers and consumers and there’s plenty of power in that. Use it to our advantage and we can break the chain and capture the wealth for the benefit of ourselves and our families, our friends and neighbors, our community and our country.

Think like a capitalist

You may be one who views capitalists with disgust.

Don’t let that stop you. You’re going to be the good witch. I want you to begin thinking like a capitalist, an “Indie Employee” who owns your own work and follows your personal strategy for a career that eventually captures your share of the wealth.

Doing it DIY in a corporate setting can be hard, but it’s possible if you climb your own ladder, not the corporate ladder. Develop your own strategic plan. And stay mobile.

My plan is to go a step further.

I have developed a new business model in which everyone is an indie entrepreneur. It is a socially responsible democracy. There are no bosses. Everyone owns his or her own work and earns a fair share of the profits.

To put the business model in play I have also developed COWORK Entrepreneurs™, a profit for purpose management franchisor for startups and existing small and medium enterprises. As the plan gains momentum I can see your employer (large or small) repurposing the business you work for to fit the COWORK Entrepreneurs™ model.

As a community of entrepreneurs we will have solved the problem with one indie employee, one indie capitalist, one indie entrepreneur at a time.

We are past the concept and development stages and now seek the first six indie entrepreneurs. We want creative, passionate and seasoned professionals who can work where there is no box. As executive coaches they will own their own divisions and operate them like COWORK Entrepreneurs™. Just like everyone else.

About my braintrust

I don’t work alone. These are the top national and international professionals who support this project in many ways. Their involvement is essential and convinces me I’m on the right track.

    • Jerry and Michele Ash, developers, COWORK Entrepreneurs™ and NotMyEconomics
    • Allen Hager, Founder and Executive Chairman, Right at Home (U.S and global franchisor)
    • Shane Sauer, marketing consultant
    • Paul Quay, Managing Partner, Matheran Consulting (international HR consulting)
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