Job Insecure?

Chances are you’re here because you are concerned about your economic condition. Your wants and needs are outpacing your pay and benefits. Your future is uncertain.

I’m here to help you understand your situation. If you are willing to take charge of your own work, become an indie employee, I can help. This is not a get-rich scheme. But if you follow my tactics you will learn what you need to advance and earn your fair share.

Jerry’s Point of View

Change the Game

This course is free (no lie) and open to the public. NotMyEconomics transforms workers from hired hands to indie employees and eventually to indie entrepreneurs.

It puts the profits into the hands of those who helped make them. And those hands re-circulate the money in the community from which it came. As the local economy grows, you grow with it. In your climb, there is no box. You capitalize and move on.


Profit Beats Pay

Meanwhile I am developing a socially responsible company in which everyone is an indie entrepreneur who owns his or her own work and earns a fair share of the profit.

It awaits exceptional professionals, each of whom will take ownership of his or her piece of the company. Together they will establish and coach a network of franchisees using the same business model. You could own or work in one of those franchises.


The mission of this website is to help people overcome their economic condition for the sake of themselves and their families, their friends and neighbors, their community and their country.

Class is in session.

“This is not just a course. This is a semester.”

Allen Hager
Founder, Right at Home, In-Home Care Franchisor

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